About Us

We are a 5 piece band based in the southwest of the UK, with an excellent repertoire of popular songs from many genres.

With classics from Queen, Pink Floyd and AC/DC, to Stereophonics, Skunk Anansie, Alanis Morrisette, The Killers and a ton in between, we rock the place right up!

We are available for all types of functions, from pub gigs and festivals, to parties and weddings. For special occasions, specific songs can be added to our set list if you want – just give us enough time to learn them!

Contact us to talk about what you are hoping for and we’ll make sure we bring it!

The Flies

Lead Vocals
Laura Hobbs
Damsel Fly
Lead Guitar / Vocals
Albie McMahon
Fire Fly
Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals
Paul Boeree
Sly Fly
Phil Hargreaves
House Fly
Chris Adams
Time Fly